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with experts who are willing to donate their time.
We provide free sustainability and business
consultation by recognized experts.



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Our Mission is to accelerate the
global efforts towards achieving
the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Can infinite economical growth exist on a
planet with finite resources?
Doughnate Hours 2nd live stream event. A conversation with Rachel Arthur, founder of FashMash. We focused on Fashion industries  challenges with existing linier model but also unfolding some of the challenges connected with Circular Economy. Whether or not decoupling growth from resource usage is possible and are there signs that shows we are on track with reaching the climate goals.
The role of Diversity and
Inclusion in the workforce
Doughnate Hours 1st live stream event. A conversation with Nora Bavey, Partner at Unconventional Ventures I CEO & Founder UniTechthe. In this session we are focusing on the role of Diversity and inclusion in workforce. What it means, why it matters and what are the benefits that come with having diverse teams.
Doughnate Hour is a global foundation that provides free advisory to Startups where their business is inline with one or multiple SDGs. Their service is currently focusing on the fashion industry with goal of expanding into other industries.